How have we met the challenge?

ASR’s expertise is in asymmetric metal catalysis. Our technology provides access to novel chemical and structural space, ripe for development into novel drugs, and provides solutions for the synthesis of complex drug molecules already in development.

Using Rh-catalysis a diverse range of boronic acid derivatives can be coupled to sp3-rich, chiral scaffolds, so constructing a valuable carbon sp2-carbon sp3 bond. Racemic starting materials are converted into a high-value, enantioenriched product in a single step.

The technology has been directly cited as “highly valuable” and with the potential to “fundamentally change the motifs being generated” for drug discovery (Nature Chemistry 10, 383 – 394 (2018)).

Each reaction is carefully optimised: computational and mechanistic study allows us to design custom ligands to deliver the best results. The technology tolerates the polar functional groups and heterocycles that often lead to synthetic failure using other methodologies but which are vital to success in drug development.

Explore the chemical space we can explore using this technology and read case studies of its application in drug molecule synthesis.

Then, explore how we deliver this technology to industry.

Key references

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