How we deliver solutions to industry

Asymmetric Suzuki Reactions Limited endeavours to deliver its high quality scientific output to industry. We can work with Pharma and Agro in a number of ways:

Custom synthesis

  • ASR has extensive expertise in asymmetric metal catalysis and construction of complex chiral molecules.
  • The chiral, sp3-rich products of our patented technology could be provided directly for use as valuable intermediates in synthesis or the beginning of drug discovery efforts – we have access to a host of otherwise inaccessible and commercially unavailable scaffolds.


  • ASR could work with you on reaction optimisation, synthetic route-planning, catalyst design and optimisation, and beyond.
  • This includes access to the latest developments in Professor Stephen Fletcher’s labs.


  • ASR’s technology is available for licensing.
  • Using ASR technology, we’ve demonstrated efficient and scalable routes towards future generics such as Niraparib.

Dr Sarah Morrow, Co-Founder of Asymmetric Suzuki Reactions, can talk to you about how we can deliver these services to your company.