What’s the challenge?

continued innovation in chemistry is required to drive the discovery of the next wave of medicines

K. R. Campos et al. Science 363, eaat0805 (2019)

Traditional chemistry has severely biased the chemical and structural space explored by industry. Whilst flat, 2D, and poorly functionalised molecules are easy to make, this does not correlate with success in drug discovery.

For continued success, we must broaden our search. In particular, we must look for structures with increasingly 3D shape, containing polar functional groups and heterocyclic moieties. However, these more complex, drug-like molecules are difficult to make.

New, efficient methodology that targets the scaffolds and building blocks which are most likely to lead to success from discovery, through clinical testing, to drugs, is therefore required.

Asymmetric Suzuki Reactions Limited has worked hard to meet this challenge with the development of powerful methodologies for the synthesis of lead-like 3D scaffolds and building blocks.